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Thailand is popularly known as the “ land of smiles “ and probably another popularity of Thailand is a land of tropical fruits as the country is blessed with a myriad of delicious tropical and temperate fruits which only vary depending on the season.


Thais often cool themselves off by eating fruits that are sweet in flavor and refreshing in smell. Fruit is considered as cleansing refreshment and many tropical fruits of Thais have been know to be good for the digestive system.


Betel Nut or Areca nut is another traditional and tropical fruit that is plentiful all the year round. Though, it has a season for cropping.


Betel nut or Areca nut is the seed of the betel palm (Areca catechu). Betel nut is now available in ready-to-eat pouches. Betel leaf is a different species of plant but of the Piper family. Powdered betel nut is used as a constituent in some tooth powders. Other medicinal uses include the removal of tapeworms and other intestinal parasites by swallowing a few teaspoons of powdered betel nut or by taking tablets containing the extracted alkaloids.


For over several hundred years, people in South and South East Asia have been chewing betel nuts prepared in a special package containing mineral lime (alcium oxide) and spices may include clove, cardamom, catechu for extra flavouring and wrapped up in betel leaves. Betel chewing is a tradition through generations.


People showed their wealthy status by presenting visiting guests of betel nuts in lacquered, silver or golden containers. The lower level of the container stored betel leaves while on the upper tray, were small containers keeping minced betel nuts, spices and mineral lime.  They are part of the culture and important ceremonies.


In modern day Taiwan, betel nut shops usually have a large picture window and are easily identified by several green fluorescent tubes arranged in a radial pattern.



There are different types of betel nuts. The common type used by South Indians and South East Asians are of round type. The Taiwanese like another type with olive like shape.


Exports of half cut dried round betel nuts are of high demand to UK and Europe where Indian migrants are in large numbers. Taiwan demands the olive style shape for their consumption.


Dried Betel nut


Fresh Betel nut